How to Make a Babydoll for Valentine’s Day

Babydoll Dress

Love is in the air

It’s Valentine’s Day next week and although that shouldn’t be the only day we choose to surprise and gift our loved ones it’s still nice to celebrate this whole concept of love.

The 14th February is usually about spending time with your other half and that, of course, isn’t limited to time outside the bedroom 😉 but even if you are single, there’s nothing better than some sexy lingerie to make yourself feel beautiful. Continue reading

How to Draft Neckline and Armhole Facings


First tutorial of the year!

2018 really does feel like it’s going to be a good one! Well to kick things off I have a tutorial that is literally so important I only wonder why I haven’t done it earlier. 

To be honest, facings are always something I draft when I want to finish my neckline or armholes without a lining. I’m not too keen on bias binding finishes so these are usually my go-tos. Continue reading

How to Prevent Neckline Gaping with Contouring

Gaping Neckline


First tutorial for a while and it’s a good one (I hope… well it’s an important one because no one wants a gaping neckline).

I like contouring because it’s easy and it can save you a whole load of constructional trouble if you do it right. I’ve had times when I haven’t contoured and I’m left with a whole load of excess fabric that I can’t get rid of, rendering the garment unwearable and it’s annoying! Continue reading