How to Draft a Box Crop Top

It basically only requires a few four-sided shapes

This post is truly for beginners because of it’s simplicity. It takes about five minutes to draft yet you get to create a garment that looks pretty good!

It’s a box crop top for obvious reasons but it doesn’t have to be a crop top if you don’t want it to be. You can extend the hem line or even turn it into a dress. Try experimenting with different fabrics too. I used a material that was pretty stiff and I really like the boxy effect it gives.

I show you how to create a neckline facing and how to stitch it in, but if you want a more detailed tutorial on facings, have a look at one I put together.

To get started, you don’t need anything other than paper, a pencil and a ruler, so you can basically start making it right now! Good luck!

Quick Drafts • Beginners – Box Crop Top

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