Quitting YouTube

This may be bad news for some of you, or maybe not…

Either way, I’ve decided to take a step back from YouTube for forever (or rather, for now). I haven’t uploaded anything on there (or here) in a while and if I’m honest with all of you, I really miss my sewing machine 🙁

Being a YouTuber adds a level of stress and anxiety to a hobby that’s supposed to be fun and relaxing. I loved teaching pattern drafting in front of the camera but there would be days where I just couldn’t output a video and I’d feel like I was failing people for not posting tutorials regularly enough.

Life gets busy and stressful and the first things to drop are things that just aren’t that important but still add to your stress, and that for me was YouTubing, and since I quit YouTubing, sewing followed because to me, they came hand-in-hand as a pair of stressors.

I love sewing, I look back at some of the things I’ve created and I’m proud of myself. Even some of my best work came from being under extreme pressure (and because of it, I’ve been featured on Seams and Scissors, yet again, for my Day and Night Dress). I’d love to go back but if I’m honest, I am facing some reluctance. I think it’s fear more than anything.

Life goes on

What I need to do is realise that there are no expectations for me to sew and that the world will still be standing if I take a break for a month, or even a year (like I have). I will still post on the blog and I’ll still produce tutorials because I love being helpful, but I think I’ll keep to my own pace and if life does get busy and stressful, sewing won’t be the first thing to go!

That being said, I really do appreciate all the love and support I still get even after my million year long hiatus, so I thank you all for your encouragement and understanding!

Now, whilst your here, please do check out Bespokle. It’s a new project I started for people to sell their sewing services. Sign up and post a listing, it’s free!


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  1. Life does happen, and we must prune and make [sometimes very selfish] decisions to ensure our overall well-being.

    Thank you for “Elewa” ……… I thoroughly enjoyed your videos and actively looked forward to new uploads all the time.

    Guess what? You’ll always be a YouTuber!!!
    Same way, a Doctor is always a Doctor, regardless of whether or not he is still in active practice….. ditto, a lawyer etc.

    You have created a body of work on “the World Wide Web” that will outlive you and serve as reference material for people in years to come…….almost like a book!

    You have done well and I wish you the very best, Doja!!!

    • Hi Tosin, thanks so much for your lovely words! I really appreciate the support you’ve shown towards me!

      Haha! You’re right, I will always be a YouTuber, and this doesn’t mean it’s the end either, I can always go back 🙂

      And I am proud that I have created something from scratch that people enjoy and believe in. I’ve left a mark on the sewing community and that’s what’s important.

      Thanks again! I look forward to bringing more content to you and the world, via my blog.

      Have a good day and take care.


  2. I have only just discovered you, and have made my daughter a perfectly fitting bodice on first attempt. Enjoy your new life, and thank you so so much for this “you”.

  3. I’m sad that you aren’t sharing anymore, I just found you but I will watch what you were gracious enough to share. I am teaching myself to sew and I’m so thin that I can actually fit a Chinese small 🙂 and so many videos say trace your own clothes but I don’t have many to trace and wanted to make my own things. I stumbled on your channel looking to teach myself to make my own patterns. I can relate to life happening (I’m so thin because of an autoimmune issue) so I truly respect where you’re coming from. Thank you for what I have added, it will serve me well and I wish you peace as you journey to the next thing for you.

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