My New Cutting Mat

Cut it. Cut it. Cut it. ✂

I’ve been saying I need a new cutting mat for about a million years. And so I finally splashed the cash and bought one. I’ve never cared much for my green one – it’s really ugly and the colours are harsh on camera.

Most of my YouTube tutorials feature this ugly green mat and to be honest I’ve never really liked the whole ambiance of my videos. Its presence is pretty jarring and it doesn’t give sewing the air of beauty that it deserves.

In fact, my green cutting mat is way past it’s use-by date. Ok, it’s only two years old but I’ve basically ruined it. Some of the top layer is peeling off and the lines have started to rub off because I keep spilling acetone on it (girl’s gotta paint her nails).

So I bought myself a grey cutting mat and I’m hoping it will do my videos some justice.

I wonder if anyone will notice…

Grey Cutting Mat

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