Where Oh Where is Doja?

I basically disappeared in April

Well for lack of a better excuse, I was busy!

Busy living it up in China!


Yeah, you read right, I was in China. I even got to visit Hong Kong; explored the fabric markets of Kowloon and bought plenty fabric to keep me plenty busy. It was a great week but it meant that I was so preoccupied with everything and not even in the country to pay much attention to Elewa!

My adventures in Hong Kong was documented and a video will be coming out on YouTube on 24th May. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back and do more shopping! But this time, in China. Hong Kong is a little too “expensive” for my taste (I’m just a cheapass seamstress, what do I know about expensive?)

Here are some questionably cheap fabrics that I bought. Can’t wait to use the oriental looking one. Also managed to buy lots of zips for hella cheap, and now I need to buy yellow fabric to match my yellow zip (another summer dress perhaps?)

Fabrics from Hong Kong

Guys follow me on Snapchat! I tend to show what’s going on in my life and you get sneak previews of what I’m up to, so if I disappear, you’ll know why!

I’m basically partially, but not-quite-there-yet famous!

I have been featured on Seams and Scissors 30 under 30 post (because I’m 24 which is waaaaaay below 30) where they have put together a list of their favourite “sewists and quilters who fully embrace creativity, entrepreneurship, and their love of design, and who are constantly challenging themselves with new projects and ideas.” And I’m one of them!! See, told you I’m partially, but not-quite-there-yet famous.

Doja on Seams and Scissors

Look! It’s me! (Copyright ‘Seams and Scissors’ and whatnot)

I took that picture at work. I quietly excused myself, stood in front of a white wall and took that selfie like the boss I am. Anyway, you should go give them a visit at seamsandscissors.com, they have all sorts of wonderful things on there including ANOTHER blog post on us 30 under 30, detailing our favourite  sewing projects. Mine was obvs the day and night mix and match dress.

Finally moved in

I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve moved back home to London. Well back then, by “moved in” I meant living out of bin bags. But now, I’ve actually moved in! I’ve gotten rid of my sister’s (who’s now at uni studying medicine – we gon’ have a doctor in the house!) stuff and unpacked my stuff in it’s place, I’ve refurnished a garden table into my own uber long, uber big, uber amazing sewing table and I’ve bought myself a double bed!

My Sewing Table

So yes, I completely have legitimate excuses for disappearing in April. But now I’m back!

Subscribe to me, follow me, drop me a message when I disappear, get involved, because I love hearing from you! (And it should really be your responsibility to make sure I’m still alive).

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  1. Welcome back! Congratulations on your feature in Seams and Scissors. I am excited to see your makes from the fabrics you collected in Hong Kong. Would you consider doing a post on your new sewing space? I just love seeing how other sewists organize and set up their spaces. Thank you! Carol for candekiss.com.

    • Thanks a lot Carol from candekiss.com 🙂 I’m so reluctant to use the fabrics just yet in case I ruin them in haste with a rubbish design, but I can’t wait either. Haha I could definitely do that, my sewing space is pretty much a table, but since it’s such a huge table there’s literally enough room to do anything and everything on it.

  2. Congratulations on the Seams and Scissors. I know you’ll do fabulous things with your Hong Kong fabric. I love picking up fabric when I’m traveling…eventually you get living souvenirs!

    • Thanks so much! I hope I do do fabulous things, I still have no idea what I want to do with it but I’ll find my inspiration from somewhere. Hope all is good with you?

        • Haha not young enough! The clock is ticking away…
          I’ll definitely stop over at your blog to see what you’ve been up to. Take care!

  3. Congratulations on being recognized. Can’t wait to continue reading you blog and watching your videos.

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