How to Draft Neckline and Armhole Facings

First tutorial of the year!

2018 really does feel like it’s going to be a good one! Well to kick things off I have a tutorial that is literally so important I only wonder why I haven’t done it earlier.

To be honest, facings are always something I draft when I want to finish my neckline or armholes without a lining. I’m not too keen on bias binding finishes so these are usually my go-tos.

And the thing is, they’re so straightforward, it doesn’t take a lot to create one. As long as you have your bodice pattern piece, you’re good to go. I usually like having my seam allowance drawn on my bodice pattern first, that way I don’t have to add them to the facing patterns.

That gives me an idea. I should create a tutorial on adding seam allowances. I always speed through them in my videos that people don’t really get to see how I do it. Plus, I’m sure it’ll help knowing where and when to use seam allowances.

That being said, here is the tutorial! Enjoy!

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Pattern Drafting Tutorial – Neckline and Armhole Facings

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