How to Draft a Flutter Sleeve

Hi Guys!

Flutter sleeves can be seen adorning many outfits nowadays so it only make senses to do a quick tutorial on manipulating a sleeve block to create one.

Without going off trend, I wanted bring this blue lace fabric, typical of Nigerian fashion, into 2017. Although the fabric is much thicker and less flowy than what would be appropriate for this style, the sleeves do work.

This tutorial is great! The fact that I could pack everything into a one minute video proves how straightforward it is. Just don’t forget to add your seam allowance before cutting into your fabric!

If you haven’t already got a sleeve block, you can use my tutorial on drafting a basic sleeve block, so go and get drafting!

Also the neckline was adjusted using contouring to prevent it from gaping, hence why it sits so flat! Love it!

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Quick Drafts – Flutter Sleeve Pattern

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