How to Construct a Bodice Block

Time to put it all together!

Now that you know how to draft a basic bodice block that (hopefully) fits, I’ll show you how to put it together to achieve a wearable sloper. From adding seam allowances to inserting the zip, I’ll cover all the techniques you need to successfully construct your bodice block.

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Pattern Drafting for Beginners – Bodice Construction Tutorial

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  1. Thank you! This is really helpful as I take up sewing again after retirement. You are a great teacher.

  2. Hi,

    How do you take your measuerments. I’ve tried pattern drafting and it always is a huge fail when I have to guess on how measurements are taken. ‘Cause some methods have there own way of taking the measurements.

    P.S. Seen the drafting video and it is something I want to try. Hope there can be more light shed on how to take the measurements. Unless I missed a video 🙂

    • The one thing I always say is to never measure yourself. If you can find someone to help you take your front and back horizontal measurements from side seam to side seam (wear a tight fitting top and measure from one of its side seam to the other) then your sloper would come out better.

  3. Will do.

    But do you have a video or post showing how to/you take all your measurements for drafting the various blocks?

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