How to Prevent Neckline Gaping with Contouring


First tutorial for a while and it’s a good one (I hope… well it’s an important one because no one wants a gaping neckline).

I like contouring because it’s easy and it can save you a whole load of constructional trouble if you do it right. I’ve had times when I haven’t contoured and I’m left with a whole load of excess fabric that I can’t get rid of, rendering the garment unwearable and it’s annoying!

This tutorial will probably make a lot more sense if you watch my more in depth tutorial on contouring! It’s not a prerequisite, but it will help.

I also used this technique to get an uber flat V-neckline in my last sewing project.

Flutter sleeves

Fabric used in this tutorial is from Minerva Crafts. I use it for practice projects because I’ve quit cutting straight into fabric without actually making a muslin first (see, I’m a changed and better person).

So do it once and do it right. That’s what I say! I hope you find it useful!

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Pattern Drafting Tutorial – Prevent Neckline Gaping with Contouring

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