How to Draft Neckline and Armhole Facings


First tutorial of the year!

2018 really does feel like it’s going to be a good one! Well to kick things off I have a tutorial that is literally so important I only wonder why I haven’t done it earlier. 

To be honest, facings are always something I draft when I want to finish my neckline or armholes without a lining. I’m not too keen on bias binding finishes so these are usually my go-tos. Continue reading

How to Prevent Neckline Gaping with Contouring

Gaping Neckline


First tutorial for a while and it’s a good one (I hope… well it’s an important one because no one wants a gaping neckline).

I like contouring because it’s easy and it can save you a whole load of constructional trouble if you do it right. I’ve had times when I haven’t contoured and I’m left with a whole load of excess fabric that I can’t get rid of, rendering the garment unwearable and it’s annoying! Continue reading