How to Draft a Strapless Bodice Pattern

Hello my fellow pattern drafters!

This tutorial is one of my favourites because strapless clothing is one of those things that are hit and miss to draft. It took me a while to actually figure it out, sometimes they were too small, sometimes too big but the key is to start with a bodice block that has absolutely no bust ease – so much so that it’s practically a second skin – and use the correct bust radius.

If you need to draft your bodice block, you can find the tutorial here. When plotting your front and back bust measurements, do not add the extra ½” measurement, this way, you’ll be able to achieve 0 bust ease.

I also cover what you can do if you are slightly bigger busted and want more coverage around your chest.

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Pattern Drafting Tutorial – Strapless Bodice

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Cutting instructions:

  • Cut center front on fold
  • Cut two side front pieces
  • Cut two back pieces

Alternative neckline

Here I have shown you how to draft a sweetheart neckline, but once you have this basic starting point, you can go on to draft your neckline style however you want.

For example:

Drafting a strapless bodice

Here I have a straight neckline with a V cut into it. Be creative with it and have fun. I’d love to see what you come up with, so send me pics and links to your lovely creations.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem at first and once you understand it, they’ll be no excuse as to why you can’t go strapless!

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