Happy new year everyone!

As we enter into 2017, I wish for happiness and the ability for all of us to achieve our dreams because it’s our hopes and dreams that keep us going – our expectation for a successful future, whether that’s success in work, success in family or just success in feeling fulfilled – so here’s to all the success’ waiting to be reached.

It’s always great to enter a new year with smiles and joy and I really have a lot to be happy about. 2017 is definitely a year I’m looking forward to, and there’s much I’m yet to reveal so stay tuned guys, news is coming!

So exactly on the 1st January 2017 at midnight, I debuted my green jumpsuit on YouTube. Prior to that, I gave my followers the power to basically choose what I drafted next and the randomly selected tutorial was for a jumpsuit, which is great because it incorporates trousers too so you basically get 2 for the price of 1 – how exciting!

The tutorial will be coming soon so be sure that you’re subscribed so you know when it’s out!

Model in the making

Jumpsuit front

Modelled by my baby sister Tunmishe, where my 24 year old body failed to make this jumpsuit pop, her 14 year old figure rocked it with such style that I’m not even in the slightest bit jealous she stole my jumpsuit – we must always give credit where credit is due. On that note, I did use my measurements to make this jumpsuit, so understandably it is a bit big for her but even with all that extra fabric, she just makes it work!

The pattern

This picture says it all.

Jumpsuit pattern

P.S. I did some contouring under the busts which I absolutely hate in the finished jumpsuit.

The trousers

Drafting the trouser part wasn’t as stressful as I’ve experienced before, but the combination of non-stretchy woven fabrics and skinny fit trousers isn’t a great one. You need to find the appropriate amount of wearing ease without taking away from the skinny shape you’re going for. The trousers started off pretty baggy and had to gradually be taken in so the insides are a bit of a mess, but nobody needs to see that 😉

Jumpsuit trousers

The other stuff

My favourite part of the jumpsuit is the applique neckline; I always find that unadorned jumpsuits just look naked and sometimes, a little added something can go a long way. This jumpsuit is great and look! It has sleeves! I’m really getting the hang of this sleeves thing. I actually really like sleeves now, they’re easy to draft and easy-ish to sew and they always look very professionally done. I’m proud of myself 🙂

The jumpsuit does have an invisible zip installed, which was a bit problematic for me because 1) I only had a red zip left and 2) I didn’t have access to an invisible zipper foot. Have you ever tried installing an invisible zip with a regular presser foot?!

Back of Jumpsuit

Making do

Basically, I had a half finished jumpsuit and had to go home (where the parents reside) for Christmas so I couldn’t take much stuff with me. I packed green thread, bobbin thread, scissors, pins and rulers and that was all. I already had an old sewing machine there and so while at home, I drafted and sewed on the sleeves and installed the zip, which was done pretty badly by the way!


The end result was nice, except I could have done better with the pattern matching at the centre back. I’m pattern matching queen but I was so rushed to get it done before the busyness of Christmas took over that the best I could do was at least make sure that the print on the fabric flowed the same way.

Jumpsuits are fun! But they’re not really my thing so I won’t be making too many of them any time soon, but if you would like a closer look at this one, you can check out the video I posted, which also includes a little dance number at the end, featuring my sister, so even if you don’t want to see the jumpsuit I definitely recommend you all to watch her little performance!

Day and Night Dress Challenge

Now I have less than a week to draft and make two dresses for the Day and Night Dress Challenge started by Elizabeth from Elizabeth Made This and I have no idea how I’m going to do it! I don’t even have all the fabric I’ll need. Wish me luck!!!

Day and night dress challenge


Here are the remaining pictures! I’d love to know what you think so definitely leave a comment below! I always love reading your thoughts!

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  1. Nice material, it looks great on your sister and she is cute as well.

  2. A job well done Doja!!! The jumpsuit looks so great on Tunmishe. I love her dance steps and her laughter. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you aunty! I can’t wait for you to see the new dresses that I designed for her! I think you’ll like them even more than the jumpsuit! And happy new year!

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