Birthday Giveaway – YOU Decide What I Draft Next ((Closed))

Birthday Giveaway

It’s my birthday – almost!

So I’m basically turning OLD! Nope, not a year older, just OLD. To celebrate my new pensioner status I am giving away a chance to win a RULER!! This will be exactly the same as the one I use. I’ve been using my ruler since I started pattern drafting and it’s never failed me, so I’m passing forward the gift, to help kick start someone’s pattern making journey! Continue reading

My First Post

My first blog post

Hi guys!

So here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, typing away on a post for my new blog – something I vowed I would never do. I have nothing against blogs, I’ve just had too many in the past and they require so much time and effort that sometimes I just can’t be bothered. So, on top of working 9-5:30 every(week)day, producing my pattern drafting videos, sewing the garments for them, bra making, and then all that social media stuff to get people to notice my work, I’ve decided to add blogging on top of it all! Yay! Continue reading