Asymmetric Monochrome Leather Skirt

My first ever project for Minerva Crafts is here!

I was so excited to get involved in the Minerva Craft Blogger Network and so I set myself a nice little debut challenge to announce my arrival. I designed, drafted and made this interesting looking asymmetric monochrome leather skirt and modeled it with all the Gothic flair I could muster. Made up of eight individual pattern pieces, this skirt took a lot of planning, analysis and calculations to draft and put together, but needless to say, it came out looking just how imagined it!

For the full project, head on over to Minerva Crafts and let me know what you think!

Monochrome Asymmetric Leather Skirt

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  1. Doja, what a cool look! I’m with you on making diagrams to help you through construction. That is such a must for colorblocked projects where nothing is repeated! I like working with faux leather–it’s really not that hard to sew–just don’t press it. One of my favorite jackets has a pieced faux leather collar because I melted the first one and couldn’t get more fabric.

    • Haha no way! How did you save it? Is the project up on your blog?

      Thanks a lot. I designed the skirt a year ago but just never got round to actually making it. I feel so fortunate that it came out looking exactly how I wanted. And you’re right, leather really is so easy to use, I wasn’t expecting it.

  2. I love skirts, and yours has a very creative design. You’re so talented.

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