How to Draft a Jumpsuit – Part 1

Jumpsuit front

Jump jump!

Welcome back to my blog for the first pattern drafting tutorial of the year! I know this tutorial has been a long time coming but it’s finally here!

Last year, I had a giveaway where you could choose what I drafted next and the lucky winner is fortunate enough to have her suggestion brought to reality. Maryam Abubakar entered the giveaway with a wish to have a jumpsuit drafted and so here I am with the tutorial ready for you all to follow! Continue Reading

Tools and Tips for Beginner Pattern Drafters

Tool and tips

How’s it going friends?

Just call me Doja Scissorhands. Firstly, let’s address the fact that I own way too many pairs of scissors…

As part of my Pattern Drafting for Beginners Series, I’ll be covering the starting points every pattern drafter needs to know. In this video, I’ve collated all the basic starting tools that will be useful for a beginner. I’ve also added some tips, gained from my experience of pattern drafting, which I hope will help you too! Continue Reading

How to Draft a Strapless Bodice Pattern

Draft a Strapless Bodice

Hello my fellow pattern drafters!

This tutorial is one of my favourites because strapless clothing is one of those things that are hit and miss to draft. It took me a while to actually figure it out, sometimes they were too small, sometimes too big but the key is to start with a bodice block that has absolutely no bust ease – so much so that it’s practically a second skin – and use the correct bust radius. Continue Reading

How to Contour a Bodice Block

Bodice Contouring

Hello Friends!

Pattern Contouring is one of the most useful techniques one can employ when pattern drafting as it guarantees a well fitted garment (if done correctly).

This specific technique is something people sometimes struggle to understand, I know I did, but now that I actually know how it work, I’ve created a video to help you all! Continue Reading