I’m Getting Married!

We’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married!

On the 29th of December, my boyfriend of almost 5 years proposed to me! It was meant to be a New Years Day surprise but he just couldn’t wait so he prematurely put a ring on it! But I’m not complaining! I’m really happy and can’t wait to marry him!

Being the avid reader that I am, a leather bookmark is something I’ve been asking for for the longest time, so before getting down on one knee, he presented me with this gift:

Will you marry me


In other news

Tomorrow I will be revealing two dresses that I speedily put together for Elizabeth Made This’ Day and Night Dress Challenge! The project was very rushed and I only started both dresses on Tuesday. I bought the fabric of one dress on Wednesday and basically made up the design and sewing pattern as I went along. Fortunately, I managed to finish them both yesterday (Thursday), with a level of questionable quality, but at least they’re better than nothing! Definitely return here at 12:00 GMT to see what I came up with [edit: dresses are here!].

I’d also like to apologise for my sluggishness in getting YouTube videos out there. These few weeks have undoubtedly been very crazy. Getting engaged seriously put a massive spanner in the works. I was halted for days where I was basically living in a little cocoon that contained only my fiancé *giggle* and I.

But I promise I’ll be more proactive and if I’m not, I give you all permission to call me out on it! Until tomorrow, bye!

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    • Thank you so much!
      I knooooow, the dresses turned out lovely though, I can’t wait for you to see them!

  1. Girl, I didn’t sleep the night my husband proposed, and I had to teach the next day. You’re entitled to be in a bubble of happy engagement myopia. Many wishes for happiness for you both!

    • Thanks so very much! I’m so excited!! I don’t think the gravity of what marriage is has really sunk in yet! But if he’s able to tolerate my eccentric ways for this long, then I think we’ll be good for the long haul 🙂

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