Dart Manipulation – Slash & Spread and Pivot Techniques

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To add to my Pattern Drafting for Beginners series, in this tutorial, I will focus on dart manipulation and how you can use the slash & spread or pivot method to transfer darts to the bust, neck, armhole or anywhere you want!

This is a two part tutorial with the first part being specifically for beginners. The second part will be slightly more advanced but straightforward enough to follow.

Dart manipulation is one of the most important techniques when it comes to pattern drafting. The shape and fit of garments depend on darts and while they are needed to help garments stay in shape, they can also be used as a design element so knowing how to move darts will be beneficial.

I’ve used dart manipulation when making a lot of my dresses. For example, the gathers on the neckline of the night version of my mix and match dress came about through using dart manipulation techniques.

I hope you find this tutorial useful and don’t forget to subscribe for part 2!

Pattern Drafting for Beginners – Dart Manipulation – Slash & Spread and Pivot Method

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  1. hi.this tutorial helped alot.please can do a tutorial on hw to draft a bust dart.its confuses me sometimes. thanks

    • Hi Oluchi, happy you found the tutorial useful. What do you mean draft a bust dart?

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