Birthday Giveaway – YOU Decide What I Draft Next ((Closed))

Birthday Giveaway

It’s my birthday – almost!

So I’m basically turning OLD! Nope, not a year older, just OLD. To celebrate my new pensioner status I am giving away a chance to win a RULER!! This will be exactly the same as the one I use. I’ve been using my ruler since I started pattern drafting and it’s never failed me, so I’m passing forward the gift, to help kick start someone’s pattern making journey! Continue Reading

Tools and Tips for Beginner Pattern Drafters

Tool and tips

How’s it going friends?

Just call me Doja Scissorhands. Firstly, let’s address the fact that I own way too many pairs of scissors…

As part of my Pattern Drafting for Beginners Series, I’ll be covering the starting points every pattern drafter needs to know. In this video, I’ve collated all the basic starting tools that will be useful for a beginner. I’ve also added some tips, gained from my experience of pattern drafting, which I hope will help you too! Continue Reading